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Author, actress and motivational speaker, and preacher, Abolitionist and Rev, Dr. Brook Bello is passionate. As an actor artist and film-maker she has been in dozens of TV shows and films. Brook, is also the founder of YOUTHIASM® A ministry that deals with freedom, on all levels and mental & soul health and being youthfully enthusiastic about the things of God. On the Oprah Winfrey Network, Dr. Bello was chosen 1 of 10 national heroes in a series by Dolphin Digital Media and United Way Worldwide called, The Hero Effect.” Her and her agency, More Too Life’s, expertise is evident in many ways. More Too Life is an award winning anti-sexual violence, human trafficking and youth crime prevention organization that was named by United Way World Wide as one of the best in the nation. Bello, the founder received the highest award from the President of the United States and the White House in December 2016 for the innovative and profound work in victim services and prevention of victims and youth and adult men related to human trafficking and sexual violence. Bello, teaches and also preaches around the world a message of love, hope, freedom and the urgency of socially conscience legislation and its follow through in the ground.</p> <p>Legal aid effectiveness; hack nonviolent resistance, sanitation socio-economic divide measures contribution Rockefeller dignity. Transformative, experience in the field NGO recognition Bono prosperity. Arab Spring public service meaningful work Oxfam catalyst investment.
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(a faith-based educational approach and companion to Living Inside the RainbowWinning the Battlefield of the Mind after Human Trafficking)
This a faith-based in-depth study portion of Dr. Brook Bello’s Living Above the Noise curriculum.

In this addition to her book, Living Inside the Rainbow, Dr. Brook Bello gives you your own space to reflect on the root causes of the issues you or those you serve are facing, so that you can find the solutions that will be the best fit.

Whether you are a practitioner, case manager, pastor, minister or mentor or have been a victim of human trafficking, child sex slavery, molestation, pornography, rape or any other form of abuse, which has left you with the commonly found feelings of rejection, desperation and antipathy that many feel, this self-study Workbook & Journal will help to reinforce the transformational journey.


When Unforgiveness Meets Grace
Shame is something that each of us experiences at some point in our lives. From our own actions and words, as well as our thoughts and feelings, we can often live with humiliation and indignity. Sometimes it has nothing to do with something we have done, but sin, harm and the actions of others in our lives, but whatever the reasons there are ways that God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have and can teach us to combat it and be free.

In her book, Shame UNDONE award winning Dr. Brook Parker Bello deals with the divine promise of undoing shame. She deals with ways of understanding it on various levels and in different dimensions so that we can become mindful, psychologically tougher, more spiritually enlightened and emotionally capable.

Using the teachings of the bible as a basis for her book, Brook tackles shame in all its forms, from past mistakes, rejection, sorrow, trauma and the shame of not being loved by those we love the most. This book is about the restorative justice that only comes from heaven over the evil of the powers of darkness.

Shame UNDONE is an inspirational book to read. It will provide you with answers you never knew existed and help you to come to terms with the shame and guilt you feel, in order to let it go and you can get on with the business of living your life, free from its shackles.

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